Life is a drama

by Yan

Jan 7th, Thursday, 2010. One month after the D.C. trip...

My left ear has been hot and burning for a whole day. In Chinese saying, if one of your ear burns, that means somebody is thinking about you.

On the way driving home, this old saying creeped on me: He, the man that I said final goodbye with, might be thinking about me.

'Stupid!' I heard myself accusing myself. I was pulled back to the reality. 'Bulletproof' was playing from my speaker. I wish I could be bulletproof.

Several days ago, I clearly analyzed the situation with my friend.
a) I've truly made my final decision to break from the past
b) The only exception is he fly to LA and beg me to come back
c) Situation B will never happen on him
d) Thus, I am truly over with it this time

Today has been a long day. I sent out 3 reports in the past 3 days. I took off early today, only wanted to get home, feed my stomach and vegetate.

I was surfing the Internet randomly, feeling bored.

Phone started to buzz...

'Ding Dong', a message from him. I had thought about deleting his number after coming back, but did not anyway. My argument is if you can remember the person's number, what's the point of removing it from the phone list since you won't be able to remove it from memory anyway.

My heart started to beat faster...

'Nobody is home' I did not hesitate at all to reply.

'I can hear you'. I could tell he is definitely in a playful mood

'Who's that?' I was playing along.

'Open the door and you see'.

'I did not want surprise'

'Just a little chat'

'I did open the door' I replied in a cheated way

2 seconds later, I heard banging on my door
'Open the real door', came this familiar voice, the voice that I can even hear it in my dream.

I dashed to the door, opened the door, and there he is...smiling...

'May I come in?'

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