People come and People go, that's how life rolls

September 28th, 2009. 11.56pm

Have been practising video editing ideas the whole evening for Nicole and Andy's farewell gift. With the music from Craig Armstrong's piano album, I got a bit sentimental about this lovely couple's leave. Although it has only been 11 months, and I barely know them outside office life, I still feel pretty sad just because they are nice people.

I remember back in the senior year in the college, I was quite sad for several months to see 2 very good friends' leave, one to Germany and one to the US. Till now, I have lost contact with the US guy and almost stopped talking to the Germany girl. And now, I am thousand miles away from my Shanghai friends, where some people might still think about me now and then.

Talked to Z tonight, still miss him a lot, although he has been already classified as a passenger in my life directory.

We will encounter many people in our life, most of them will only be passengers, leaving different marks in our memory. Some are called sorrow, some are called sweet moments, some are called eternal love...

Basho is sleeping quietly beside me when I am mumbling these words. Sweet feelings aroused...she must be called sweet marks one day in the future after she passes away...

Good night, to all the people I love...


  1. We're going to have to enlist in your video editing skills !

    Here's to high marks !

    Great post- I'm always impressed by your command of the written word.


  2. gud night dear, to you the very charming lady i love
    even it has been nearly a year since you left, i would still think of you almost everyday

    merry chrismas and wish you a very best new year.