Cut the crap, we don't need a convenient lie

A good Canadian friend was just dumped by his girlfriend after a 1.5 year's dating and living together. The reason she gave him was: After a long time of evaluation, I think I will end up marrying a Chinese. This relationship is going nowhere. We should stop seeing each other. I am sorry, this is not your fault, it's my problem.

(Yes, you have seen/heard that script many times)

After seeing so many successful marriages between different culture background couples, white with Chinese, white with black, Indian with Chinese, his girlfriend's so called 'reason' is surely a convenient lie to me.

When it comes to breakup, there seems to be countless superficial reasons: our life goal is different, we don't have anything in common, you are giving me too much pressure, I don't want to get married so soon...blah blah blah...But hey people! Why don't you just tell the other one the truth, only the truth, nothing but the truth: I DON'T LOVE YOU!

People tend to use superficial reasons to create a false image that they still love the other one, however, they are 'forced' to leave. Will that make the other feel better? NO! Leaving me is leaving me, there is never a good 'leaving me' with a good will. Will that make the whole breaking up situation any easy? NO! The other one will always try to find a 'solution' to stop you leaving them. A 'solution' often includes crying, email and phone bombing, harassing friends and trying to have them talk you through, negotiating to give up marriage forever etc etc..

Hey Mr. and Miss coward, when it comes to breakup, we don't need a convenient lie. Please just be frank to the others, telling them that you don't love them anymore, telling them that they are not the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Because with that said, they know their heart should be withered on you, and blossom somewhere else.

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  1. sounds similar....clearly you have problem with canadians