Cemetery of Memory

by Yan

In the cemetery of memory
I am helpless
It's the vague connection that I want to break
Yet, fear to release

In the cemetery of memory
It's irresistible
I bring flowers everyday
Yet, it's the ultimate land that should be deserted


  1. Silly silly girl..
    Deep down there, memory connects to our soul. it doesn't belong to the cemetery.
    There comes sometime somewhere that we feel it's hard to hang on. But it's ok, we enjoy the privilege of being a human is that we got to admit - we made mistakes, we hesitate, we have doubts, we couldn't help to pick on the scabs then licking our wounds during the middle of the night.
    After all these, you will find yourself looking into the mirror in one ordinary morning, there you tell yourself it's time to get control of my life.
    Yup, crime committed.